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Credit Advisory

When borrowers face distressed situations and are violating covenants, requesting forbearance, or even missing payments, lenders can turn to Corner Point for help to quickly understand the borrower’s overall situation and recovery prospects.  


The professionals at Corner Point have the knowledge and experience required to quickly assess a borrower’s situation and determine the viability of recovery strategies.  We offer a clear-eyed and independent analysis which allows lenders to get ahead of and successfully manage what may become a bad situation.  Whether dealing with covenant violations or responding to forbearance requests, Corner Point arms lenders with the facts and perspectives necessary to make informed decisions.   


In bankruptcies, we quickly mobilize to provide a thorough review of a situation with particular emphasis on liquidity, collateral, and recovery possibilities.  If desired, we can be the “boots on the ground” in the borrower’s offices to review contracts and financial records and to assess management and staff capabilities.  Our structured and consultative approach allows lenders to be proactive during bankruptcy proceedings and to intelligently respond to borrower proposals regarding cash collateral-related budget, debtor-in possession financing, collateral dispositions, and viability of restructuring plans.  

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