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Financial Assessments

A successful turnaround and restructuring requires a detailed evaluation of a company’s current health and operations with particular focus on go-forward cash flow.  Corner Point’s professionals will move fast to perform a full assessment of a company’s current situation and prospects of success with emphasis on opportunities for enhanced value creation through cost reductions, risk mitigation, and improved cash flow.  Our structured and thorough process to analyze a company’s financial health focuses on liquidity, cash management and conservation, compliance with financing agreements, identification of quality of internal controls and financial reporting, unencumbered assets, refinancing opportunities, and tax compliance.  The results include actionable recommendations in each area and specifically recommendations on addressing lender concerns.  


We work with the sense of urgency needed to stabilize liquidity and we work hand-in-hand with management, attorneys, lenders, and other stakeholders to rebuild credibility so that all constituents are confident that the appropriate steps are being taken to return the company to viability. 


Our key deliverable is a playbook detailing a plan of action in key dimensions to reduce losses, improve liquidity, enhance the capital structure through debt refinancing or restructuring, divest non-core assets or businesses, right-size staffing, and working with lenders and other creditors to rebuild confidence with accurate and current financial reporting.   Turning the corner from distress to success is the point of Corner Point’s business.  

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