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Asset Dispositions

Often, clients find themselves with valuable assets that are under-utilized or are no longer critical to the core business.  In these cases, it may be advantageous to convert the assets to cash which can then be deployed to higher and better uses.  This may apply to certain equipment or entire operating divisions and may be outside or inside of court proceedings and may involve foreclosures and orderly or forced liquidation scenarios.  


At times, an auction may be appropriate; but more often, a thoughtful approach to selling the assets in a structured and disciplined manner which is focused on maximizing proceeds in a timely manner yields optimal results.  


In cases where equipment is returned to or repossessed by creditors, Corner Point can monitor the creditor’s disposition process to ensure proper accounting and application of proceeds and, in the case, of bankruptcy, compliance with associated Court orders.


The professionals at Corner Point are experienced in maximizing proceeds from asset dispositions and have trusted relationships throughout this critical sector of the restructuring industry.  


Our process starts with an initial inventory and proceeds through a value-discovery process after which a detailed liquidation alternatives analysis is provided.  In the case of closure of operating facilities/divisions, Corner Point can prepare a detailed shut-down budget and follow-up with weekly variance reporting.  With these resources in hand, constituents can confidently make an informed decision on how best to dispose of the assets.  


Once a decision is made, our professionals will orchestrate the disposition process in a discrete and confidential manner, including interacting with secured creditors for requisite approvals and lien releases, negotiating with prospective buyers and auction companies, and moving the disposition through to completion.  All with a focus on maximizing proceeds in a time-sensitive and efficient manner.

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