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Interim Managment

During times of change, businesses need hands-on, experienced leadership.  Corner Point professionals are available to parachute into a situation and serve in CEO, CFO, CRO, Treasurer, or Controller roles.   


Our interim management services provide independent, fresh eyes in difficult situations which can facilitate a smooth transition following change in ownership or control or following departures of key employees 


In challenging times, our professionals strive to be a catalyst for change and can accelerate the process for making and implementing difficult decisions such as

  • staff changes or reductions

  • closure of non-core or unprofitable operations

  • change of product mix/cost/pricing structures


Our focus is on “righting the ship” and setting a course towards success by

  • improving cash-flow and profitability

  • optimizing the capital structure

  • developing viable business plans to support future success

  • effectively communicating with lenders and other creditors, investors, board members, employees, and other interested parties


When serving as CFO or Controller, we provide a steady hand in maintaining the company’s books while improving the overall financial reporting process, including lender and investor reporting and communications. 


We specialize in bankruptcies and can step-in as Chief Restructuring Officer or Advisor to quarterback a successful restructuring.  Corner Point professionals can negotiate with creditors, arrange debtor-in-possession financing, coordinate asset dispositions, assist in development of a fair and equitable restructuring plan, and ensure timely and accurate reporting.  Hands-on with our sleeves rolled-up, our pursuit of a successful outcome is relentless. 

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